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Hildegard of Bingen's Art: The True Trinity in True Unity – 8.5x11"

Hildegard of Bingen's Art: The True Trinity in True Unity – 8.5x11"

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It’s hard to believe this picture is over 850 years old. Its beauty and elegance are timeless. It could be a contemporary painting. We still find Hildegard of Bingen astonishing. Mystic, Abbess, Poet, Doctor, Composer, Advisor to Popes – a person of immense scope and power. A towering intellect for the ages. One of the Doctors of the Church.

This painting of Jesus is an illustration from Scivias - Scito vias Domini (Know the Ways of God), an illuminated manuscript from the mid 1100s which describes 26 religious visions she experienced.

8.5 x 11 acid-free paper with archival ink. The print will last for generations when kept out of the direct sun. There is about an inch-and-a-third of white space around the picture. Cardboard backer. Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag.
IMPORTANT!!! The image is smaller than the paper.

Standard size. If you would like us to frame it for you, please select a frame above, under "Framing".

Text and Image Alterations ©  Sue Kouma Johnson

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