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St. Francisco of Fatima - AI Restored Photo! - 3 sizes - Vintage Catholic Art - Archival Quality

St. Francisco of Fatima - AI Restored Photo! - 3 sizes - Vintage Catholic Art - Archival Quality

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Little Francisco Marto and his sister Jacinta are two of the youngest, non-martyred Saints the Church has. They were little shepherds from Aljustrel, a small hamlet near Fátima, Portugal. In 1916, along with their cousin Lucia dos Santos, they saw visions of an angel in a pasture near Fatima. Then in 1917, they saw Mother Mary. Widely disbelieved, their report yet gathered attention, culminating in Mary's last appearance . Ten thousand people were there in attendance, and while they didn't see Mary, they saw the sun dance. It swirled and drew closer and dried their wet clothing and the rain-soaked land, to the shrieks and cries of the people. This was reported in newspapers all over the world. Even atheists said they saw the sun dance. What kind of God is it we worship that can let his mother move the stars? It tells us so much about Heaven, and about the phenomenological quality of what we normally think of as rock-solid reality.

One thing Mary told the girls is that Francisco would have to say many rosaries to gain Heaven. This of a child who was only 9 years old! Those of us who are older have a longer record of sin, yet while the thought of his needful penance is sobering, it is consoling too. We fall. But we keep turning our hearts to God and Mary. Mary told the children to pray the rosary daily, and to practice penance and sacrifice to save sinners and restore the faith of those fallen away. Why would she tell them to do this? Because it works! She wasn't joking! So be strengthened as you try to say the rosary daily!

Francisco and Jacinta died in 1920 of the world-wide flu pandemic. Canonized in 2017, 100 years after the apparitions of Mary. The Feast Day for Saints Jacinta and Francisco are celebrated on the date of Jacinta's death, February 20th.

We hope our exclusive restorations of this photo, and other Saint photos, let you be closer to the Saint and thus closer to our Lord Jesus. We have several more restored photos of the Fatima Children as well as many other Catholic Saints here at our store.

There is a white border around the image. About 0.5" for 5x7, 1.3" for 8.5x11", 1.6" for 11x17", and 1.75" for 13x17", so the image is smaller than the paper!!! The border gives the print a nice finished look when framed without a matt.

- Acid-free paper
- Archival pigments, rated to last for generations.
- Cardboard backer
- Above story of the art
- Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag.

Thanks for your interest!

Sue & John

"In order to communicate the message entrusted to her by Christ, the Church needs art." ~ St. Pope John Paul II

Original image is out-of-copyright. Descriptive text and image alterations (hence the whole new image) © by Sue Kouma Johnson - Classic Catholic Art.
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