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St. Maximilian Kolbe – 8.5x11" or 11x14" Print

St. Maximilian Kolbe – 8.5x11" or 11x14" Print

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We are very pleased to offer this exclusive restoration of the iconic picture of St. Maximilian Kolbe. This vivid portrait gives us a more personal look at the Saint. Such an intense gaze! Such firmness of purpose! His face is set like flint. You can see the strength that would let him give his life for another. For us, his expression is akin to how we imagine Saints look down at us from Heaven. There are no illusions about us in his gaze. Yet there is the slightest smile; it tempers the look as mercy tempers justice. As in our other restored photographs, we find the Saint here more real and present, and in him we get a sense of the love of Heaven.

St. Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941) was a Polish Franciscan priest most famous for volunteering to die in place of a stranger at the Auschwitz concentration camp. He was canonized on October 10, 1982 by Pope John Paul II. He is the patron saint of drug addicts, political prisoners, families, journalists, prisoners and the pro-life movement.

 We print it on special art paper with archival quality pigments, rated to last for many generations without fading when kept out of the direct sun. 

– 8.5 x 11" acid-free paper
– Archival pigments, rated to last for generations.
– Cardboard backer
– Above story of the art
– Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag.

** IMPORTANT ** There is about an inch-and-a-third of white space around the picture, so the image is smaller than the paper.

Sue & John

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