"May the beauty which you pass on to generations still to come be such that it will stir them to wonder!" St.John Paul II

Confirmation & First Communion Gifts.


"The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit." St.John Paul II

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"Every genuine art form in its own way is a path to the inmost reality of man and of the world. It is therefore a wholly valid approach to the realm of faith." St.John Paul II

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"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul." St. Augustine

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Welcome to Catholic Art and Jewelry, offering prints and jewelry made from my original paintings. I love painting Jesus, the saints, and all things Catholic! It is such a joy to connect with fellow believers and also those of you who are simply intrigued by what you see. New, FREE SHIPPING within the US for art prints and soldered medals, and lower shipping prices outside the US!


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