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Sue Kouma Johnson

Man of Sorrows Painting

Man of Sorrows Painting

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"O Sacred Head surrounded by crown of piercing thorn;
O bleeding head so wounded, reviled and put to scorn..." (from an old hymn)

Sue painted this image with acrylic paints and colored pencils on heavy archival paper, trying to portray the total outpouring of Christ's love for us, seen in the Precious Blood He shed to redeem us from our sins. It is her hope that it will inspire contrition and love in all who view it.

This painting is available unframed or framed. At present, it is framed in a rough wood, reminder of the wood of the Cross. Sue painted over the wood with gold, to signify Christ's Kingship, as she did with the crown of thorns.

If you like the way it is framed, please choose "framed and matted as is." If you want it in a different type of framing, choose "framed and matted" or "framed only," but please contact us about how you would prefer it framed. If you want it unframed, simply make that choice.
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