Hildegard von Bingen Art Print

Hildegard von Bingen Art Print

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Hildegard of Bingen, Germany, was a Twelfth Century mystic who excelled in painting, music, science and theology. She was an abbess, a founder of convents, and an adviser to popes. One of the most remarkable persons of all time, this extremely talented woman was a devoted daughter of the Church. She was recently declared to be a doctor of the Church, only the fourth woman and the 34th person to receive that designation.

I painted this in acrylics on canvas, originally 12 x 24 inches. There are paintings of her visions which she dictated to artists of the time. I tried to capture their style and also the way they depicted her in a few of the paintings. Often there were stars in the images and she loved to speak of the spiritual life as green when growing so I placed trees in the painting. Also water is the symbol for the Holy Spirit, as is the fire I depicted above her head.

Each of the 3 sizes indicates outside dimensions. There is a border of white left around the image, approximately 1 inch at top and bottom, and 3 inches on the left and right sides. Print may be trimmed evenly, if desired.
Signed by artist.
Archival Quality

Comes in a close-fitting crystal-clear plastic sleeve with a whiteboard backing.

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