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Sue Kouma Johnson

Divine Mercy Art Print

Divine Mercy Art Print

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This is how Jesus appeared to St. Faustina, a Polish nun, in the 1930's. The white and red rays symbolize the blood and water that flowed from His heart when He was pierced on the cross after He died. The rays mean that through baptism and the Eucharist, He wishes to shower us with His mercy, especially the worst of sinners.

It is a simple but lovely picture. Jesus told St Faustina that the image is very powerful and it doesn't matter so much the skill of the artist or the perfect portrayal of Him, (who, after all, could portray Christ in all His glory?) but the symbolism and the words, "Jesus, I Trust in You" at the bottom.

IMPORTANT: Each of the 3 sizes indicates outside dimensions. There is a border of white left around the image, approximately 1 1/2" to 2" all around.

Signed by artist 

Archival Quality

Comes in a close-fitting crystal-clear plastic sleeve with a whiteboard backing.

Archival Quality: All our prints are made using premium acid-free fine art paper in card thickness, and high quality Epson pigments (instead of dyes), rated by a third party to last 200+ years when not hung in direct sunlight. These prints are beautiful today and are time capsules of the faith for future generations.

(C) Copyright Sue Kouma Johnson

This image may not be reproduced in any form without the artist's express permission.

*If you are interested in the framed option, please contact us.

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