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Faith and Confidence in Mary Holy Cards – pack of 10/100/1000 – Restored Vintage Holy Card

Faith and Confidence in Mary Holy Cards – pack of 10/100/1000 – Restored Vintage Holy Card

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4.25x2.75" Holy Card
printed on heavy 14 point cardstock
Matte finish

This darling holy card was made by Eulalie Bouasse, maiden name Lebel, around 1847. It is lovely and delicate, with an idyllic setting and an uplifting message. It was also made at a time of great uncertainty in Mrs. Bouasse's own life, a time which required much faith.

She had grown up in her father's printing business; she had even married his shop foreman in 1827. But about 1845 her husband left her. She was a single mother with two children to take care of. Her father was long deceased, and she had no siblings. She was facing destitution. She turned back to the trade she knew, printing, and began making holy cards, a relatively new art form. (source:

Referring to the children, the French reads, "Faith and trust in Mary. Grenadille, Centauree. Mary, my tender mother, it is to you that I entrust them to be their support and their guide." The two flowers entwined in the border are Grenadille and Centauree, respectively a passion fruit and a thistle, representing the passion and suffering of our Lord, which Mary witnessed and shared.

The image is beautiful in it own right, but we can't help but see Eulalie's story in it. We can only imagine the difficulties she faced raising her children without a husband, at a time when very few women worked outside the home. What courage she must have had! What devotion she must have had to Christ and his mother! She made this card in a time of great uncertainty and yet great faith. The business she founded went on to last 120 years. May this art, and her her story, help us know we can entrust ourselves and our families to Mary's protection.

We have a beautiful prayer on the back written by St. Aloysius Gonzaga (1568-1591)

O Holy Mary, my mother,
into your blessed trust and custody,
and into the care of your mercy
I this day, every day,
and in the hour of my death,
commend my soul and my body.
To you I commit all my anxieties and miseries,
my life and the end of my life,
that by your most holy intercession
and by your merits, all my actions
may be directed and disposed
according to your will
and that of your Son. Amen.

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