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Fr. Georges Lemaître and Einstein – The Big Bang is a Catholic Theory – Exclusive Photo Restoration – Archival Qualioty – Catholic Art

Fr. Georges Lemaître and Einstein – The Big Bang is a Catholic Theory – Exclusive Photo Restoration – Archival Qualioty – Catholic Art

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Most people do not know that a Belgian priest, Fr. Georges Lemaître, is the originator of the Big Bang Theory. In 1929 the astronomer Hubble discovered reshifting (the stretching of light waves from galaxies as they recede from us). But in 1927, Cambridge-, MIT-, and Harvard-trained physicist, Fr. Georges Lemaître (1894-1966), had proposed the expanding universe theory in a published paper. He called it "a day which had no yesterday," an instant from which emerged what we now call the space-time continuum.

He had sent the paper to Einstein, who at first told him it was "abominable." It contradicted Einstein's spherical steady-state universe model. However, by the time of this photograph at the Caltech conference of cosmology in 1933, Einstein agreed with Lemaitre and had much to discuss with the young priest. Lemaître had published another paper in 1931 saying the universe had expanded from a single primeval atom, an idea later refined by Stephen Hawkings, but at the time Einstein did not like the idea because "it suggests too much the (theological) idea of creation."

Well, it sure does. But even Lemaitre never posed in physics a First Cause, and one is still not known to physics, only to the faithful. We list this picture to help show that there is no contradiction between faith and science. The theory in popular culture that the Catholic Church is against science is baseless. We invented science. And the thing everybody says is Galileo, but on that, simply put, during the religious wars, Galileo was told not to promote heliocentrism too vigorously, but he did anyway. His trial was half a day, and the sentence was to stay in his posh Italian villa. He wasn't tortured, his books weren't burned, etc. It's a story worth investigating.

As for Lemaitre, he was a devout Catholic scientist in the centuries-long tradition of the Faith that believes we are made in the likeness of God and can use our rational minds to discern the rational order God has built into his universe. That's why big science started in the West, because of its Catholic foundation. We hope to run a series of listings on other Catholic Heroes of Science. :)

There is a blank white margin around the paper, 1/2" for 5x7", 1.3" for 8.5x11", and 1.6" for 11x14", and 1.75" for the 13x17" and 16x20".
For the poster sizes, 18x24" and 24x36", those are cropped and printed to the edge of the paper, without borders.

-Archival-quality print. Printed with archival pigments designed to last for generations when kept dry and out of the direct sun.
-Acid-free paper. Image is smaller than paper!!
-Cardboard backer.
-Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag
-Comes with the above story of the image.

Thanks for your interest!
Sue & John

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