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Sue Kouma Johnson

Three Marys Painting

Three Marys Painting

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At the foot of the Cross of Christ were three women named Mary. I portray them in this acrylic on canvas painting. They are, from the left, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the wife of Clophas.

Our blessed Mother is in the traditional blue, with a white mantel, portraying her unity with Heaven. Her suffering is deep, but she shows peace on her face. Mary Magdalene, the penitent, is wearing red, for sin, but also for the Blood which washes sin away. Her gold mantel symbolizes the glory awaiting repentant sinners. And the "other Mary" is in the gold of heaven, yet her writhing figure shows she is suffering very much.

We can all see ourselves here, at Jesus' feet, seeing the Precious Blood drop down on us, at times not daring to look at His Face. Yet that is where love and forgiveness are found!

This original measures approximately 26" x 34" with the elegant wood frame. It is very striking.

This image, and all of the artwork of Sue Kouma Johnson, is copyrighted, and may not be reproduced in any form, without express permission of the artist.

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