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Honor Our Mother Holy Cards – pack of 10/100/1000 – Restored Vintage Holy Card

Honor Our Mother Holy Cards – pack of 10/100/1000 – Restored Vintage Holy Card

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4.25x2.75" Holy Card
printed on heavy 14 point cardstock
Matte finish

This graceful and charming holy card helps draws us nearer to our Heavenly Mother. Yes, we can turn to Mary for help, and we should. But we can also just turn to her to be in her presence! This card helps us situate ourselves with her by giving her honor.

This card was originally printed by Louis Turgis, a French lithographer and one of our favorites. He was active in the mid to late 1800s in Paris and did many beautiful holy cards. This one is the Marian companion piece to another one he did called "Source of Grace," which has the doves with Jesus's Sacred Heart. Doves were one of the most popular symbols on Victorian holy cards, and they usually represent you and me, the souls that turn to Jesus and Mary.

We removed the stains and discolorations of both cards and offer them as holy cards as well as fine art prints.

This is a nice card to help us just place ourselves in the company of Mary. It turns our minds to her and her true station. We have a beautiful traditional prayer on the back which will also help lift you higher by extolling Mary's qualities.

You are all fair, O Virgin Mary,
You never knew the stain of sin.
You are the glory of Jerusalem,
You, the joy of Israel,
You, the great honor of our people,
You, the advocate of sinners.
O Mary, Virgin most prudent,
O Mary, Mother most merciful,
O Mary, Help of Christians,
Pray for us,
Intercede for us with our Lord.
Jesus Christ,
that we may receive his grace
in this life,
ad be near you in his glory
in the life to come.

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Thank you for your interest.

Sue and John

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