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Sue Kouma Johnson

Joan of Arc Fine Art Print

Joan of Arc Fine Art Print

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“Savior of France and the national heroine of that country, Joan of Arc lives on in the imagination of the world as a symbol of that integrity of purpose that makes one die for what one believes. She is a shining example of what a brave spirit can accomplish in the world of men and events.

"Joan was in her fourteenth year when she heard the first of the unearthly voices… Gradually they revealed to her the purpose of their visits: she, an ignorant peasant girl, was given the high mission of saving her country; she was to take Charles to Rheims to be crowned, and then drive out the English.

“Charles’s ecclesiastics pronounced Joan honest, good, and virtuous; they counseled Charles to make prudent use of her services… on July 17, 1429, Charles VII was duly crowned, Joan standing proudly behind him with her banner.”

Joan was eventually martyred, burned at the stake by a council of bishops who supported England and judged her a heretic. Her feast day is May 30th. She is the patron of France, soldiers, the imprisoned, and rape victims.

Sue Kouma Johnson created this portrayal of Joan with acrylic paint on an 11" x 14" canvas. She is shown in armor, holding the banner she carried into each battle she led. The banner bore the names of Jesus and Mary (in French, 'Jhesus' and 'Marie'). The dove in the upper right symbolizes the Holy Spirit, who guided her throughout her extraordinary life. This image seems to capture the youth and hesitancy of Joan at being called to such a daunting task.

This print would be a lovely Confirmation gift for a girl who is taking the name of St Joan of Arc. It is also available as a soldered glass medal.

**IMPORTANT** Each of the sizes indicates outside dimensions. In the 3 options, there is a BORDER of white left around the image, approximately 1 1/2" to 2" all around.

Signed by artist.
Archival Quality
Comes in a close-fitting crystal-clear plastic sleeve with a whiteboard backing.

Archival Quality: All our prints are made using premium acid-free fine art paper in card thickness, and high quality Epson pigments (instead of dyes), rated by a third party to last 200+ years when not hung in direct sunlight. These prints are beautiful today and are time capsules of the faith for future generations.

Copyright: Images by Sue Kouma Johnson are property of the artist, and may not be reproduced without expressed permission of the artist.


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