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Sue Kouma Johnson

Madonna and Child Oval Painting

Madonna and Child Oval Painting

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Bright and warm colors draw you to this painting! Sue Kouma Johnson's  interpretation of an African Blessed Mother with the sleeping Christ Child. He has the whole world in His hands, yet He sleeps? You may be reminded of Christ asleep in the boat, while a great storm was raging. The apostles were fighting for their lives, in sheer terror. Finally, they woke up Jesus, who seemed to not even notice the storm. "Oh ye of little faith," He said, and told the storm to stop.

We may feel the Lord is sleeping while we struggle, but He is saying, "Follow My example, and trust in the Heavenly Father."

Sue painted this original in acrylics on an oval canvas, 16" x 20".

Available framed or unframed. Please choose at right.

(C) Copyright Sue Kouma Johnson
This image, and all of the artwork of Sue Kouma Johnson, is copyrighted, and may not be reproduced in any form, without express permission of the artist.
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