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Martha and Mary Postcard – pack of 3, 10, or 100, or One in a Gold Frame

Martha and Mary Postcard – pack of 3, 10, or 100, or One in a Gold Frame

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Choose 3, 10, or 100
Send out a beautiful reminder to friends to take time out for their souls! Or frame up a few as a sweet little novelty for friends who share your spiritual journey!

This picture is called "Christ with Martha and Mary" by Henryk Siemiradzki. We love the style, so relaxed, so natural and realistic. Mary is enraptured at the feet of Jesus, while Martha, who is doing all the work that needs to be done, is looking over with irritation. What a perfect portrayal! Of the many Martha and Mary pictures we've seen, painted throughout the Renaissance to the Modern period, this one is our favorite.

Henryk Siemiradzki (1843-1902) was a Polish painter who made his living in Rome. He is known mostly for his scenes from ancient Greece and Rome and from the New Testament. His paintings are usually large, perfectly executed in what's called the Academic style, with a psychological realism in the subjects. He has another painting in our shop of Jesus and the Woman at the Well which we also love. (source: 1886. Oil on canvas. Original is very large, about 4 by 6 foot, but we don't have the exact dimensions.)

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