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Matt Talbot Exclusive Restored Photo – Venerable Matt Talbot – Catholic Gift

Matt Talbot Exclusive Restored Photo – Venerable Matt Talbot – Catholic Gift

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Venerable Matt Talbot
Restored Photograph

Venerable Matt Talbot (1856-1925) is a perfect heavenly helper for our age. Matt Talbot was a laborer in Dublin, Ireland, and by age 13 he had become a "hopeless" alcoholic. One night at age 28, his friends refused to stand him yet another drink, and he was left alone outside the pub. That was his rock bottom. He did something then that is hard to do: he became sober. It is hard enough today to get sober, but it was extremely hard in his day, as this was decades before AA and other support groups, counselors, and the modern science of habits.

Many people today struggle with some addiction or runaway habit. Matt was a roll model for how to get healthy: he relied utterly on God. He took up his faith as fervently as he had taken up alcohol. He became a Franciscan tertiary, attended daily Mass, ate sparingly, prayed half the night, read the Bible and spiritual books, and gave generously to charity. He never carried money with him-always fearful of the temptation to step into a pub. For decades, he lived a quiet, holy life.

He stayed sober the rest of his days. On his way to church on Trinity Sunday, 1925, Matt collapsed in the street and died. It was discovered that his body was bound with penitential chains. A large crowd attended his funeral. His cause was formally begun in 1931, and he was declared Venerable in 1975, meaning the Church has declared that he led a life of heroic virtue. He is the patron of alcoholics and anyone troubled by runaway habits, and a great future Saint for anyone who wants to live a holy life. His liturgical feast day is celebrated on June 19. (source:

We have painstakingly restored the original photo, which was extremely blurred. There is a certain leeway of interpretation within that blur, but as you can see, we have produced a sharp, vivid photograph such that any one of his friends would recognize it as being Matt. We offer the most lifelike photograph of Matt Talbot that we know of in the world.

-Archival-quality print. Printed with archival pigments designed to last for generations when kept dry and out of the direct sun.

!!!IMPORTANT !!! We leave about an inch-and-a-third of white space around the picture, so the print is smaller than the paper.

-8.5 x 11 acid-free paper. Image is smaller!!
-Cardboard backer.
-Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag
-Comes with the above story of the image.

Standard size. Easy to find a ready-made frame at your local Hobby Lobby.

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