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New! 15 Mysteries of the Rosary – pack of 10/100/1000 – Madonna and Child Holy Card

New! 15 Mysteries of the Rosary – pack of 10/100/1000 – Madonna and Child Holy Card

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4.25x2.75" Holy Card. matt finish, a good 14 point cardstock

Mary gave the Rosary to St. Domnic about the year 1208, and told him to teach it to people. Saying the Hail Marys with 15 mysteries from the life of Christ dates to about 1500. In 1569, Pope Saint Pius V officially approved the rosary in this form: fifteen decades of Hail Marys introduced by the Our Father and concluded with the Glory Be.

In 2002, St. John Pual the Great added the Luminous Mysteries to bring the 15 up to 20. However, the Rosary is a classified by the Church as a personal devotion, and there is no sin and no rebellion in wanting to say it the old way. For those who do, we offer this beautiful holy card with the original 15 mysteries on the back, including the fruits of the mysteries.

We also include an important quote from Sister Lucy of Fatima, "There is no problem, no matter how difficult.... that cannot be solved by the Rosary." Remember that! When some problem is looming, you have a telephone line to the Queen Mother of Heaven! She loves you and will speak to her Son on your behalf. May says to pray the Rosary daily, and we do well to heed her call every day!

This beautiful German holy card, one of our favorites, dates to the mid 19th Century, based on a pencil drawing from 1854 by Ludwig Richter (1803-1884). It is Jesus and Mary under a Rose Bower. A little child, a traveler but who is you or me, another child of Mary, is offering them a bouquet of roses, which is what the Rosary is. A bouquet of Roses to the Quen of Heaven and her Son. That's where the name come from, a Rose-ary.

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