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Holy Card – Our Lady of Sorrows – pack of 10/100/1000 – Restored Vintage Holy Card

Holy Card – Our Lady of Sorrows – pack of 10/100/1000 – Restored Vintage Holy Card

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"A sword will pierce your own heart, too," Simeon told Mary after he had prophesized trouble for her baby Jesus. His prophesy was the first of the Seven Sorrows, traditionally represented as seven swords into Mary's heart. From the lower right corner, they are Simeon's prophecy, the Flight into Egypt, Losing Jesus in Jerusalem for three days (in the Temple), the Via Dolorosa, The Crucifixion, Jesus Taken Down from the Cross, and the Burial of Jesus.

When Mary is called Our Lady of Sorrows, these are the sorrows referred to. Meditating on them lets us draw closer to Mary, understanding her thoughts and feelings, and thus draw closer to her Son.

On the back, we have included a traditional prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows, which is sometimes said as a novena, adding your specific request at the end of the first part, and including a Our Father, hail Mary, and Glory be for nine consecutive days (or hours if the need is urgent).

This delicate and beautiful Renaissance miniature was painted by Simon Bening, a Flemish painter, about 1525. We have made some minor restorations. It is from a remarkable book, The Prayer Book of Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg, full of gorgeous miniatures by Bening.

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The holy card is a little lighter shade of red than the art print.

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