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Holy Card – Salve Regina – pack of 10/100/1000 – Restored Vintage Holy Card

Holy Card – Salve Regina – pack of 10/100/1000 – Restored Vintage Holy Card

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"Salve Regina"
Vintage Holy Card

This stunning card is a rare example of Art Deco Catholic art. It is clean and striking, with a beautiful emphasis on Mary in the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Eucharist. It was published by Boumard-Fils, a family-run Paris publisher of holy cards. They did a series of Catholic Art Deco images, all of them terrific.

Art Deco is the style of art that occurred when our world turned the corner into the Modern World. It is a simple, unadorned style, without the ornate ideas of previous generations. It started about 1925 and was the main art style for the following decade or so. Its influences can be seen in things as diverse as the Chrysler Building and the shapes of locomotive engines of that time. It has an understatement which at the same time projects a sense of power, fittingly apt with Our Lady. Even the colors are perfect and modern, muted as they are, elegant and simple.

On the back is the second half of the Salve Regina prayer. We say the first half at the end of the Rosary ("Hail, Holy Queen! Mother of Mercy,..."), which is beautiful and complete unto itself, and most people don't say or even know this second half, which is also beautiful. Frankly, we print a lot of our holy cards to help ourselves learn these prayers, and we invite you into what we hope is a deeper prayer life.

Salve Regina means Hail, Queen [of Heaven]. Virgo Hostiam Adorans means, Virgin Adoring the Host.

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Available in quantities of 1000 for serious distribution. Contact us for higher quantities.

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