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Keychain for Medals and Thicker Glass

Keychain for Medals and Thicker Glass

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This keychain works great with our small size soldered medals, as shown above with my Mother Teresa solder and glass medal. If you want to put a larger one on,we strongly recommend buying the thick glass for $3 extra.

The glass we use normally is quite thin, so it could break in the larger sizes, if you use it on a keychain. Also, if you put a charm right on the ring, it will break. You need a chain, so there's less pull and twist on the soldered item.

The thicker glass option for your charm is $3 alone, or $8 with the key chain.

The chains will vary, but all will be similar to the one shown, of a base metal. Lobster clasp holds the soldered medal, or may be used for any other medal you have.

Works great with any other medals and crucifixes you care to carry!
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