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Mary Receiving Communion – Restored Vintage Holy Card – pack of 10/100/1000

Mary Receiving Communion – Restored Vintage Holy Card – pack of 10/100/1000

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"Mary Receiving Communion"
Vintage French Holy Card

There is something touching about this delicately beautiful image. The reverence of the angel presenting the Bread of Angels to Mary. Her gentle contemplation of it. We love the mood of this piece and the setting. This is a lovely, dreamy meditation of Mary and Communion.

And it has a lovely, dreamy short prayer on the front: "Vierge Sainte, rendez-nous dignes de ce Mystere ineffable. Mettez la purete dans nos ames, metiez des flammes dans notre Coeur," which can be translated to English as, "Holy Virgin, make us worthy of this ineffable Mystery. Put purity in our souls, put flames in our heart." May it be so. The author of that little prayer, Monsignor d'Outremont, (Hector-Albert Chaulet d'Outremont, 1825-1884), was a popular French bishop of Agen and then Le Mans. Sometimes bishops in France are called Monsignor.

On the back we have included a traditional Catholic prayer before Communion that invokes Mary's help in preparing our souls.

Bouasse-Jeune was a Parisian holy card company, a spin off by the younger brother from the Bouasse-Lebel holy card company. (source: University of Dayton) Both companies did outstanding holy cards, our all time favorites, at a time when Paris was where the best art in the world was being made.

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Available in quantities of 1000 for serious distribution. Contact us for higher quantities.

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Sue and John
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