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New! St. Pope Pius V Worships the Crucified – August Kraus – 5 Sizes – Catholic Art Print – Archival Quality

New! St. Pope Pius V Worships the Crucified – August Kraus – 5 Sizes – Catholic Art Print – Archival Quality

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Saint Pius V (1504-1572) was born Michael Ghislieri in a poor family in northern Italy, where he worked as a shepherd boy until he was 14. Then he became a Dominican friar. He was pious and devout and soon became an inquisitor of the Inquisition. This was at the time of the breaking apart of Christendom. Protestantism, born out of disobedience to a morally culpable Church hierarchy, and driven by political and commercial powers, had created the flags for a century of brutal religious wars.

Michael Ghislieri was made a bishop, then a cardinal, and finally a Pope, replacing his patron, Pius IV. He brought a purity, even an austerity, to the Church. He was Pope for only 6 years, 1566-1572, but he accomplished great things. He was the Pope of the Counter-Reformation, implementing the Council of Trent. He organized Catholic naval forces to confront the Turkish invasion of Europe at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, an epoch-changing victory which finally stopped the military advance of the Muslims.

Pius V was always deeply devoted to Mary and the Rosary. He established the Dominican version of the Rosary as the official Church version, which did not change until St. John Paul II. He called upon the faithful to pray the rosary for victory against the Turks, who were militarily superior, and credited the victory at Lepanto to her. He is sometimes called the Pope of the Rosary. There are many other interesting things he did you may be interested in. He was canonized in 1712.

The artist of this painting is variously credited, but the auction house that sold it in 2013 asserts it is by August Kraus, who has dates of 1849-1926. There are other August Krauses as artists from that time, but their styles are different. "Der Hl. Papst Pius V verehrt den Gekreuzigten." Oil on wood, approx. 53 x 44.5 cm. (sources:,

** IMPORTANT ** THE IMAGE IS SMALLER THAN THE PAPER! There is a blank border all around the image of about .5" for 5x7, 1.3" for 8.5x11, 1.6" for 11x14, and 1.75" for 13x17". All Approx! The white space gives the framed picture a finished look without using a mat.

- Acid-free paper
- Archival pigments, rated to last for generations.
- Cardboard backer
- Above story of the art
- Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag.

Thanks for your interest!
Sue & John

"In order to communicate the message entrusted to her by Christ, the Church needs art." ~ St. Pope John Paul II

Original image is out-of-copyright. Descriptive text and image alterations (hence the whole new image) © by Sue Kouma Johnson
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