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Sue Kouma Johnson

Augustine Painting

Augustine Painting

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This painting of "The Conversion of St Augustine" was done in acrylic paints on canvas. Sue Kouma Johnson strove to find appropriate symbolism for St Augustine, yet with a fresh new composition, pose, and style. This picture tells the story of his final ascent to Christ, whom he had run from for so many years, and dragged his feet on when he finally realized the truth.

The turning point came when he was in a garden, and he heard a child's voice saying, "Take and read." So he picked up the Bible and opened it to a passage which convinced him that he could live a new life.

The symbol of the tree is often used in the Bible to stand for a person. For example, "The just man is like a tree planted near running water, whose leaves never fade." Here, Augustine is sitting on the stump of a dead tree, his life without God, but yet there is a fresh, green shoot springing forth, symbol of his new life in Christ.

The shining heart of Christ reminds us of Augustine's saying, "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless till they rest in Thee!"

Saint Monica, his mother, prayed for 17 years for his conversion. When he finally converted, he became a great bishop in North Africa, and is one of the official doctors of the Church. He is one of the most influential theologians of our faith, quoted so often for his Christian wisdom.

This painting is full of peace and joy. It could be placed in many different decors, especially one with white, creams, soft greens, warm rose, blues.

It measures 11" X 14," and we think it would be fabulous in a gold, ornate frame, but I am open to however you want it framed. Please choose at right.

We also have prints available.

This image, and all of the artwork of Sue Kouma Johnson, is copyrighted, and may not be reproduced in any form, without express permission of the artist.

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