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Road to Emmaus Postcard – pack of 3, 10, or 100, or One in a Gold Frame

Road to Emmaus Postcard – pack of 3, 10, or 100, or One in a Gold Frame

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Choose 3, 10, or 100
Send out a postcard to those on the spiritual journey with you! Or frame up a few as a beautiful reminder of our walking with Jesus. Perfect for a nook or bookshelf!

"Road to Emmaus" by Robert Zünd (1826-1909). He was a painter who lived through the Industrial Revolution and into the 20th Century, but you wouldn't know it by looking at his paintings. They are all serene landscapes, with no machines, arranged in classical composition theory, a style harkening to the century before his. As he got older, he became more religious, and wove Biblical themes into his landscapes.

In this one, we have Our Lord with the two travelers to Emmaus. "Are you the only man in Jerusalem who does not know of the things that have been going on?" Our favorite part of the story is when Jesus says, "What things?" :) What a gentle sense of humor he has. This is the resurrected Jesus playing with these guys. There is joy to it. He goes on to explain to them all the things that referred to him in scripture. Note how Zund has Jesus pointing to the light! Walk with us, Jesus! Teach us! (source:

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