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Catholic Art and Jewelry

Sacred Heart– 8.5x11" – John Vianney Quote– Catholic Art Print – Authentic Quote

Sacred Heart– 8.5x11" – John Vianney Quote– Catholic Art Print – Authentic Quote

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The quote is from Saint John Vianney, also known as the "Curé of Ars," who was known to spend up to eighteen hours a day in the confessional. Many people flocked to his church to confess their sins. He was not very gifted in the area of academics, and had been sent to a small country parish in the middle of nowhere. He encountered very small interest in the faith, so he began by praying and fasting intensely for his parish. His prayers were soon answered, and thus resulted the the crowds who came from everywhere.

The image of the Sacred Heart is from an antique holy card. I love antique holy cards, and I find this one exquisite. The colors of the original were a little faded, so we restored the colors to their original richness.

- NOTE: There is about 1/2" inch white border around the image!
- Standard size. 8.5x11". Frames are easy to find
- Printed on Archival Paper
- Printed with Archival inks, rated to last for generations
- Comes in a close-fitting, crystal clear bag
- Comes with cardboard backer
- Comes with above explanation

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Image and text arrangement copyright © Sue Kouma Johnson

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