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Sue Kouma Johnson

Elizabeth of Hungary Art Print

Elizabeth of Hungary Art Print

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St Elizabeth of Hungary is the patron saint of young brides. She was born in 1207 in Thuringia into royalty. She was married at 14 and widowed at 20, after having borne 3 children. She was much attracted from an early age to a life of piety and self renunciation so when she was released from her queenly duties at age 20, she arranged for the care of her children and became a Third Order Franciscan. She founded a hospital to care for the poor and needy and died at age 24. Much beloved by all who knew her.

The artist portrays her with her beloved poor. She often brought bread to them in her cape. One day, she was met by someone of the royal household who did not approve of such behavior in a queen. When asked to show what was in her cape, she opened it to reveal a miraculous bounty of roses! That is why Sue shows a background of roses in her painting.

The original of this version of Elizabeth was painted in acrylics on canvas. It was commissioned by a husband as a gift for his wife, and there are seven children in the painting because that's how many children they have, so far. :) 

St Elizabeth is the patron saint of young brides, as well as bakers, countesses, death of children, falsely accused, the homeless, nursing services, tertiaries, and widows. Her feast day is November 17.

IMPORTANT: Each of the 3 sizes indicates outside dimensions. There is a border of white left around the image, approximately 1 1/2" to 2" all around.

-- Signed by artist 

-- Archival Quality

-- Comes in a close-fitting crystal-clear plastic sleeve with a whiteboard backing.

Archival Quality: All our prints are made using premium acid-free fine art paper in card thickness, and high quality Epson pigments (instead of dyes), rated by a third party to last 200+ years when not hung in direct sunlight. These prints are beautiful today and are time capsules of the faith for future generations.

(C) Copyright Sue Kouma Johnson

This image may not be reproduced in any form without the artist's express permission.

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