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Sue Kouma Johnson

Stephen the Martyr

Stephen the Martyr

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This is an ornament of St Stephen being stoned. It is made of 2 small prints of a painting I did in acrylics. I cut glass and soldered the edges with lead free solder. It measures approximately 1 1/2" x 2."

Stephen was the first person to die for Christ, after He ascended into heaven. He was a deacon, meaning he helped free up the apostles for preaching the word, by making sure the material needs of all the Christians were met.

Saint Paul was a leading Jew at the time, and provided the authorization for Stephen's stoning. The participants piled their cloaks at his feet during the execution.

Saint Stephen was heard to say that he saw the heavens open and Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father. He then asked God's forgiveness for his executioners, just as Our Lord Jesus had done during His execution.

His feast day is December 26th, and he is patron of stone masons.

The same image is on both sides.

All of our pendants and ornaments are made with lead free solder and glass. Great on a chain or bracelet. We offer a ball chain elsewhere in our shop. 

If you put the charm/medal on a key chain, it may get broken if not treated kindly. It is glass. If you want one for a key chain, we can custom make your medium charm/medal with a thicker glass for $3. Small charm/medals don't need thicker glass, but either way, they need to be on a chain before you add them to your key ring. 

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