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Sue Kouma Johnson

Bernadette Postcard

Bernadette Postcard

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Set of 3 or 10 postcards, measuring 4x6 inches each, to mail to friends, even frame in a nice frame.

Sue Kouma Johnson's pencil drawing from a photo of St Bernadette. Presumably, her serious expression comes from her ill health. She may have been in pain at the time of the photo shoot. Or maybe she did not really want her picture taken. Bernadette was so humble. Whatever the reason, it is always fascinating to look into the face of a saint.

The Blessed Mother appeared to little Bernadette of Lourdes in 1858 in France and told her to dig in the dirt and drink some of the water she found. From small beginnings, a marvelous healing spring has drawn millions over the years to be cured of physical and spiritual ailments. Saint Bernadette herself was an amazingly humble servant of God, never healed of her own physical ailments. She almost died numerous times before finally passing into glory at the age of thirty five.

Mother Mary told her, "I cannot promise you happiness in this world, but in the next." Bernadette's own infirmities and great holiness caused her to be much loved as an attendant to the sick in the hospital connected with her convent. She died in 1879.

Her feast day is April 16. Saint Bernadette is patron saint of shepherds, but I would call on her if I were a nurse or sick.
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