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St Joseph of the Sacred Heart Postcard

St Joseph of the Sacred Heart Postcard

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We have restored this Victorian holy card and printed it as a postcard. Use it to send a message to a friend or put up a little bookshelf piece of Catholic art!

In this French Victorian holy card, Joseph is holding the baby Jesus, who is holding his Sacred Heart. This is very rare in Catholic art to get these two powerful Icons in this same image: St. Joseph and The Sacred Heart. The colors are rich and warm, but still have some of that vintage feel. We love this card and think it is beautiful! This is a companion to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, printed by the same company.

The words in the gold mandorla (the full halo around their bodies) translate into “Go to Joseph. He is powerful by the Heart of Jesus.” And the words at the bottom say “Saint Joseph, Model and Patron (for) the Friends of the Sacred Heart.” In parenthesis it says, “100 days of indulgence,” which meant if you did some prayers on the back of the card, for a certain length of time, the act would fulfill an item from the Vatican-issued Enchiridion Indulgentarium (Handbook of Indulgences) and allow you 100 days less in purgatory.

There was some staining and discoloration on this long out-of-copyright image. We spent time restoring it to its original beauty. Overall, there are tens of thousands of good Catholic images out there, but we work to bring you just the few we love, and to make them as perfect as we can. We want to curate a collection that brings you joy. St. Pope John Paul II said, “In order to communicate the message entrusted to her by Christ, the Church needs art.”

Image Restoration ©

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