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St Therese–L'enfant Age 3 – Exclusive Photo Restoration!

St Therese–L'enfant Age 3 – Exclusive Photo Restoration!

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St Therese of Lisieux - L'enfant
Exclusive Restored Photograph

Little St. Therese is only 3 years old in this picture. Her mother was still alive. About that time, she had a dream about two little devils. She said this about it:

"I remember a dream I had at that age, which left a very deep impression: I was walking alone in the garden when suddenly I saw two horrible little devils near the arbor, dancing on a barrel of lime with amazing agility, in spite of having heavy irons on their feet. They looked at me with flaming eyes, then, as if overcome by fear, threw themselves in the twinkling of an eye to the bottom of the barrel. They escaped in some mysterious way and ran off to hide in the linen room, which opens onto the garden. When I saw how cowardly they were, I put my fears aside and went over to the window to see what they were up to. There the little wretches were, running round and round the table, and not knowing how to escape my gaze. From time to time they came nearer, still very agitated, to peep through the window; then, when they saw I was still there, they began racing about again in abject misery."

She explained its meaning, "I do not suppose this dream was very extraordinary, but I do think God made use of it to show me that a soul in the state of grace need never be afraid of the devil, who is such a coward that even the gaze of a child will frighten him away."

Even at this early age, Therese is a holy child, thinking seriously about matters of Heaven. By the time she was in the school, the other kids teased her because she was always talking about Jesus. Let us all stay in the state of Grace and be like little children, as our dear Saint did! (source:

We hope this restored photo, like our others, helps you be closer to our Saints and thus closer to Jesus.

!!!IMPORTANT !!! THE IMAGE IS SMALLER THAN THE PAPER! We leave a white border of blank paper around the image! The border is about 0.5" for 5x7", 1.3" for 8.5x11" and about 1.6" on 11x14". This is the normal way fine art printers make their art prints. It will give your prints a finished look in a frame without a matt.

-Acid-free paper.
-Archival pigments rated to last for generations
-Cardboard backer.
-Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag
-Comes with the above story of the image.

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