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Sue Kouma Johnson

Victorian Nativity Christmas Ornament

Victorian Nativity Christmas Ornament

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This exquisite Nativity was produced by the French holy card company Bouasse-Lebel in the late 1800s. We think it is just beautiful and would be a special accent on any Christmas tree. 

Heavenly graces shine through the star, highlighting Mary. She and the child Jesus, with their richer colors, stand out from than the rest of the picture because of the special relationship they have.

Joseph humbly yet protectively stands in the background, wearing his traditional brown and green, holding a staff showing his protectiveness and his authority.

The animals seem to know that something special is happening and symbolize our brute nature being joined with the divine. 

Bethlehem means House of Bread, and Jesus is the Bread of Life, laid in a manger, which is a feeding trough for animals. 

The same image is on both sides. About 1.5" wide.

All of our pendants and ornaments are hand-made by Sue using lead free solder and glass.

The original image is long out-of-copyright. Our image restorations, and hence the whole new image, are copyrighted. 

Prints of this image are also available in this shop.

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