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Vintage Holy Card Restorations – Marian Variety Pack of 8 – Beautiful and Inspirational

Vintage Holy Card Restorations – Marian Variety Pack of 8 – Beautiful and Inspirational

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We love antique holy cards. Some of our favorite Catholic art is on them. We restore our favorite ones and reprint them, offered in packs of 10 or more elsewhere on Etsy.

We've had a lot of calls for individual holy cards, but it is not economical for us to sell them one at a time.

So we are making collectors' packs of 8 cards. This is the Marian Pack #1. See the product phots for which cards are in each collection. Front and back are shown.

Our favorite story of these cards is the one behind the Faith and Confidence in Mary card. Printed by Eulalie Bouasse, who was abandoned by her husband and left with two young children. Her parents were passed away. This is at a time where there is no welfare state, and it's hard for women to earn money in the workforce. Yet she started a business printing holy cards. This was one of her first cards. Her business thrived for 120 years. She trusted in Mary.

Cards are 2.75x4.25 inches. Printed on a nice card stock with a good matt finish.

Crystal clear plastic sleeves are available that fit snugly on the cards for protection, but we don't insert the cards in the sleeves for you, we just offer the sleeves as a service.

Stay tuned for more. Also, you might want to look for our popular Holy Card of the Month subscription, which Etsy does not support.

Also, keep an eye out for what we hope will be future contemporary Catholic Holy cards, featuring art by Sue Kouma Johnson, at her shop at

Thanks for sharing our love of this beautiful Catholic tradition!

Sue and John Johnson
Lincoln, Nebraska

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Our mission: Help spread and strengthen the Faith through Beauty.
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