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Wedding at Cana – 3 Sizes – Wedding Gift/Anniversary Gift –by Juan de Flandes – Catholic Art Print – Archival Quality

Wedding at Cana – 3 Sizes – Wedding Gift/Anniversary Gift –by Juan de Flandes – Catholic Art Print – Archival Quality

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The first miracle Jesus performed was at the urging of his mother, Mary. This has always made us happy. Even their playful banter before he assented to his mother's wishes makes us happy. The account of the miracle has always served as a reminder to us that Mary wants to help us with our mundane household affairs, and that if we ask her for help, she will turn to her Son and ask him, and he does not disappoint his mother. To Jesus through Mary! That's one thing this miracle means to us.

It also means we should keep Jesus and Mary close to us in our marriages. This picture is a great wedding gift, as it helps the new couple celebrate their weeding, and it also serves as a long-term statement of the importance of actively, prayerfully keeping Jesus and Mary involved with their lives!

We now offer the print in a beautiful frames to make the complete gift!

Juan de Flandes was a Flemish painter who made his living in Spain. Among other things, he painted 47 panels of the life of Jesus and Mary, which were either purchased by or given as a gift to Queen Isabella, the one who financed Christopher Columbus. We have made many restorations to this picture to make it look more like it did originally. As we got close, we could see that many painters had repaired it since its original creation around 1500. Oil on wood. Housed at the great Metropolitan Museum in New York. The size of the panel is 8 1/4 x 6 1/4 in, or just a bit bigger than the size of the image on our 8.5x11" print. We like the figure standing just outside of the wedding, present and looking at us. He might be the artist himself, but he serves as kind of a stand-in for us as witness to the miracle.

Besides this print, we can also print this as invitations or as insert cards for invitations.

** IMPORTANT ** The image is smaller than the paper! There is a white border around the image. About .5" for 5x7, 13." for 8.5x11", and 1.6" for 11x14"

- Acid-free fine art paper
- Archival pigments, rated to last for generations.
- Cardboard backer
- Above story of the art
- Enclosed in a tight-fitting, crystal clear bag.

Thanks for your interest!

Sue & John

"In order to communicate the message entrusted to her by Christ, the Church needs art." ~ St. Pope John Paul II

Original image is out-of-copyright. Descriptive text and image alterations (hence the whole new image) © by Sue Kouma Johnson - Classic Catholic Art.
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